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Partner Co-branding

If you are an Accountant, bookeeper or provide professional services to small business and think would be of value to your clients you can add your brand to .

Your logo is added to when the link url is where mylogo.png is the url of a .gif or .png image on your web site. adds the BAS-I.C logo and home link to the bottom of the account.

To add your logo find the url of a suitable image on your site. Right click the image and copy the image url. Replace the x's in the link text with your image url including the protocal ie http:// or https:// url and make sure it is a .gif or .png image. If you have any difficulty Contact Us with the url of the image you would like to use and we will send you your partner link code.

Add the link to your web site, newsletter, emails or distribute in any way you wish.