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Overview of BAS-I.C Small Business BAS and GST Accounting

Using is easy. It is a simple web based accounting package specifically developed to provide simplified BAS and GST accounting for Australian sole traders, small, micro and home based business.

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Free Small Business BAS and GST Accounting Overview Video

runs in your browser, there is nothing to download or install. All you need is a current browser with an internet connection. Your data is automatically stored on your local computer. It is secure and easily managed.

When you first open a Welcome overlay is displayed providing a brief introduction. You can always close Close the overlay from the top right. When you close the overlay and mouseover a button or icon a brief help is displayed at the top right.

Join Join Free by inputing your email address and a BAS-I.C Account Code email will be sent. To activate your account use the Account Code link in this email and your account details will be saved to your computer and displayed in your Profile Profile.

Your account is initially set with the financial year starting at of the current year and with preset accounts. Click to adjust as required. Initially select the preset accounts that best match your business ie , , , , or . You can always add or delete Delete an account as required. Switch between and to display current accounts. Transactions are displayed for and added to the active month . Click a button or icon to activate an action.

Add a transaction by clicking a current account and input the transaction total. Other values will be automatically calculated. Any additional information can be added directly in the Note field. Using the icons at the left of each added transaction you can Delete Delete, Copy Copy or Repeat Repeat a transaction.

Transactions are displayed in . Edit Mode Edit Mode at the top left of the List View table allows you to change a transaction to the active Month or Account. provides account and tax totals. calculates Business Activity Statement (BAS) amounts and displays applicable BAS Form labels and BAS Codes allowing your Business Activity Statement Form to be easily completed.

The icons at the top right allow you to manage and share your data Share Share, Backup Backup, Archive Archive, Restore Restore, Export Export, and Import Import your data. Using Import Import you can easily add transactions from Bank Account CSV files to your data. Reset Reset clears all data and settings.

See BAS-I.C Topics for additional topic help pages and BAS-I.C Videos for a full list of video tutorials.