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Q: Hi. I am wanting to delete and/or change account details in my expense column. How do I do this? I have tried right clicking the account I want to change but the only option available to me is inspect element and this is not helpful. I have allocated capital GST to an account instead of non capital GST and this is what I am trying to alter. Hope you can help. Thank you.

A: To delete an account click the rubbish bin beside the account buttons and then click the account you want to delete. You can then add a new account with the required set up. If you use the same account name all transactions allocated to this account will be updated. If you use a different account name any transactions that were allocated to the deleted account will now be unallocated and will need to be reassigned to a new account which can be done using the edit function ie click the edit pencil at the left of the list table titles to enter edit mode (the pencil is highlighted yellow) and then click the required account button and then the transaction account to change it to the highlighted account. Once done click the pencil again to exit edit mode. See the Edit Transactions section of