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Q: There are lots of accounting systems out there, so why did you develop BAS-I.C?

A: As a micro business I previously used Quickbooks but then changed to a simple spreadsheet system ( ) recording transactions and automatically calculating GST and BAS etc. I found this a much quicker and less complex system than traditional accounting packages. As a sole trader I did not use many of the features available in Quickbooks and found a simple transaction recording system to be best for my business. This basic accounting approach was also adopted by a wide range of other small businesses that saw value in keeping things simple and discarding functionality that offered little value while complicating what for many small business is basically a transaction recording and calculation process. From my experience ease of use in set up, recording transactions, and reporting GST / BAS requirements are very important. Also cost is a determinate. As some say you get what you pay for but why pay for features you never use? Another point worth mentioning is data control and security. Most web based accounting systems send your data to their remote server (ie the cloud) but BAS-I.C saves data locally on your computer. Either way the real issue is being able to access and back up your data in a form that does not restrict data use to a specific product. CSV files generally provide the best format for this as the data can be displayed both in a spreadsheet or a plain text editor (ie notepad). So basically I wanted a simple easy to use system to record transactions and automatically calculate GST and BAS amounts that was inexpensive, left me in control of my data and did not lock me into a specific product. I could not find one so I developed my own .... BAS-I.C .