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Questions and Answers for free and easy small business accounting.

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Q: Is it possible to change a free account to a paid account and then back up info? I have signed up with a different email account by mistake.

Q: Am I reading this correctly BAS is only completed quarterly? We currently do ours on a monthly basis.

Q: Please with regards to printing out the expenses for each particular month is it possible to include the 'Notes column (which I use to itemise) in the print out. I am printing in landscape format and I am able to get every column on the print out except for the notes column.

Q: Can I somehow resubscribe?

Q: Would you recommend using Bas-i.c for a small company? Only 3 employees with 1 main income stream.

Q: Firstly I'd like to thank you for putting BAS-I.C on the market. I am a sole operator as a business (well bearly in business ) and I was an avid operator of E-record for all my BAS stuff. I think from an very newbie aspect your product fills a great void. At this time, I would like to know about access to the data that I enter. Can you kindly confirm that I alone is the only person who has access to the stored data. I understand that the data is stored on my computer but can you confirm that no-one from your end has access to what I store.

Q: I am after a simple system that will create a category for each expense, add up the category total and give me a result. I also want a system that will transfer the purchases listed on my bank statements directly to the program so I don't have to transfer them manually Does your system do both these?

Q: I am in the process of preparing my tax info for my accountant. I was wondering how I get my information onto a USB or whatever it is I need to do?

Q: Just sorting my BAS and wonder if you have a provision for wages/payroll? Wages and Super are non GST right?

Q: I recently purchased this software for the simplicity it offers. Question - does the software have the ability to generate Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets form the information entered.

Q: I do the books for multiple small business. Is there a way to add two small businesses without deleting the records of the other?

Q: Since upgrading to Windows 10 in October I have not been able to access my account. l have repeatedly tried to go through Edge to Internet Explorer with no luck. I have also tried to start a new account but there are adds on the front page. Are the adds normal? I am frustrated? Can you help me?

Q: I am unable to access my business information using the email code. I have just upgraded to Windows 10,is this a problem?

Q: I'm a first time account and wish to know when lodging my BAS statement is email the correct avenue to lodge to the ATO. Previously l have lodged direct through the business portal, logging in with my AUS key.

Q: I think this worked quite well for me. There doesn't seem to be any password or anything to log in with. What are the security parameters to stop anyone with my email address accessing the data?

Q: I'm having difficulty importing my csv files from Jan-Mar 2015. I'm doing exactly the same thing I did for April-June 2015. It worked perfectly before. I'm using chrome if that helps any. Please tell me I can work backwards?

Q: Hi. How do I go about starting the new tax year 2015-2016? Do you have to close the past year somehow or is it simply a matter of carrying on recording expenses and income after changing the financial year? Thanks for your help.

Q: What is my BAS-I.C profile?

Q: I'm just starting to use this system for BAS reporting and am enjoying the simplicity and ease of use. I imported my bank csv files and deleted what wasn't a business expense but I have a question now that I've just spent the last hour deleting... What is classified as drawings? I'm a sole trader, tradesperson. I don't pay myself a wage I just spend money at woolworths for example. I don't need to record these transactions do I, somehow?

Q: Is there a secure (https - TLS) link for your BAS-I.C product? I can't trust my business data to this product without a valid HTTPS link.

Q: I seem to be having trouble being able to change the year date. When I click on the box it won't let me change anything?

Q: I'm trying to find out how I enter specific dates for transactions but can't seem to drill down further than the month. I really need to enter daily sales and expenses not just monthly.

Q: I am subscribing BAS-I.C. every month now and pay $5 every month. But I would like to stop the service and also stop receiving emails from you guys now. What should I do to unsubscribe from April? Thank you very much for your advice!

Q: All of my information that was added over the last two weeks has gone from my account, i did not back up , as everything was saving, now i have come back after a week maybe less and there is no information or new taxes that i created.

Q: Does it make any difference if I pay for the monthly subscription, if so what extra's are offered for monthly account.

Q: I entered data for the previous quarter and I now appears to have vanished.

Q: Can you please help me. I have entered all items into the Income "window" and I have entered all the items into the Expenses "window", but do not know what to do next to achieve a completed BAS statement. I have already wasted a considerable amount of money on software that was "inappropriate" and I am considering purchasing your product, depending on how easy it is to use, but I now need assistance to manage the next step, and my BAS is due in tomorrow.

Q: Hi. I am wanting to delete and/or change account details in my expense column. How do I do this? I have tried right clicking the account I want to change but the only option available to me is inspect element and this is not helpful. I have allocated capital GST to an account instead of non capital GST and this is what I am trying to alter. Hope you can help. Thank you.

Q: Hi. I have just joined BAS-ic. I used the link given, set and opened in Google Chrome. I have set up business name and type and GST but I cannot enter any data under account, revenue or amount. I am using Windows 7. Hope you can help.

Q: Hi i was wondering if there is anywhere on your software where you can record wages?

Q: Is it possible to set the year to July 2013 - June 2014 in either the free version or the paid version of BAS-I.C?

Q: Will your program allow me to import csv files of my invoices and expenses in order to calculate GST and report quarterly?

Q: Can I include a logo with my invoice?

Q: Can I expand the Note field so it displays more characters?

Q: How do I set up for a second entity?

Q: Can BAS-I.C be used like cloud based accounting systems?

Q: There are lots of accounting systems out there, so why did you develop BAS-I.C?

Q: Is there an example BAS form?

Q: Can I do my Business Activity Statement myself?

Q: Are there any video tutorials?

Q: How do I lodge my Business Activity Statement BAS?

Q: How do I complete my business activity statement?

Q: What is the best browser to use for BAS-I.C?

Q: How do I join?

Q: I cannot find my BAS-I.C Account Code link email?

Q: What accounts should I use to record gst.

Q: How do I record GST transactions?

Q: I get a message about my browser not being current and needing to be updated?

Q: Where does my info entered get stored?

Q: I am really looking forward to the BAS-I.C program and have already done the .csv file from BOQ but it is in a different order to that required?

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